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At its heart, 72 Hours is a documentary film about a city and its people and a problem.

Los Angeles has the 2nd highest homeless population in the United States and it’s estimated that 6,600 people live in their vehicles.

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Dan Parks, the filmmaker behind 72 Hours, has worked as a truck driver for almost a decade. In 2016, he relocated to the Los Angeles area in which he has driven all over the city and felt it’s pulse and got to know it’s people.

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A vehicular homeless person is defined as someone who is without a residence and instead lives in their car, van, or RV.

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About six years ago in Missouri, Dan got to know a man who changed his life, we’ll call him John.

John had been homeless for over a decade and one day he decided to change. He stood up from the sidewalk, stopped some habits and behaviors, and walked towards a different life and an apartment of his own.

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A certain hope comes at the beginning of life — a childlike vigor or youthful spirit is too often lost as we age when difficulties arise. The commonality that all of LA’s residents share is that once we all had this ability to hold a hope so big that it could fill a parking lot or any span of time.

72 Hours is a film about difficulty, struggle, and retaining hope for a city, for others, and for ourselves.


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72 Hours needs you.

It takes a village to raise a child, a country to create a nation, and world to make a film.
— Dan Parks


$4360 - Equipment

$1000 - Film Festival Submissions

$1000 - Crew & Expenses

$573 - Indiegogo Fees



Budget breakdown

Equipment - $4360

  1. $1500 - Canon 80d bundle
  2. $300 - Tripod
  3. $150 - Shoulder mount
  4. $110 - Small rig camera cage
  5. $800 - Drone
  6. $300 - Hard drives
  7. $1200 - 3 Go Pro's

Film Festivals - $1000

  • $40 - Submission fee @ 25 entries = $1000

Crew & Expenses - $1000

  • $1000 - Crew salary & various expenses     

Indiegogo Fundraising Fees

  • $573 - 9% of Funds Raised

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