72 Hours

72 Hours

about chance, circumstance, & choice. 


A film by Dan Parks

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72 hours is a performative documentary film by dan parks.

It’s estimated that there are currently 6,600 people living in vehicles in L.A.

A vehicular homeless person is defined as someone who is without a residence and instead lives in their car, van, or RV.

The L.A. Times estimates that only 10% of city streets are zoned for vehicle dwelling.

Vehicle dwellers are subject to all posted ordinary parking restrictions and are under the California law of a 72 hour parking limit.

Meaning all who call their vehicle home must move every 3 days — does home only last 72 hours? 

This law says that the vehicle dwellers can only park 72 Hours at time and then they have to move or their home will be hauled away.

What would happen if I lived in an RV for 72 Hour stints in different parts of the city? Starting with the wealthy communities of Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, and Santa Monica and moving on to the working class communities of Carson, Lynwood, or Compton.

Where would I be treated as a human being? Who would see me as a nuisance only to be hauled away?

I’m gonna need a vehicle.


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