72 Hours

72 Hours

about chance, circumstance, & choice. 


A film by Dan Parks

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Sewn together by the most underdeveloped freeway system in the United States and a love affair with the automobile, Los Angeles contains both the least amount of paved miles per resident and the 2nd highest homeless population in the country summing up to the answer of people living in their love: the car.

It was after moving to California, that a writer with a knack for observation, began to look for his next project.

Working as a truck driver, he drove across the city and saw people living in RV’s. After some research, he found out that California law limits parking in a single spot for 72 hours. This brought him to question, “What is that story?”

The idea came to him to make a film, after which he made a few teaser trailers and posted on Instagram about his plan. Through a Google search he met an organization that hosts vehicle dwellers in privately owned parking lots throughout the city. Then he learned about a lawsuit when the vehicular homeless, people that live in their cars, sued the city and won changing the restrictions of where vehicle dwellers can and can’t park.

How difficult is it to abide by these laws that the City of Los Angeles has enacted? Well, that’s the question he sought to find an answer to when he set out to live in his car for 30 days.

Who’d he meet, how did the laws would affect him, and what story did he tell?

Don’t you want to see?

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