72 Hours

72 Hours

about chance, circumstance, & choice. 

A film by Dan Parks

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In 1983, the city of Los Angeles enacted a law that made it illegal to sleep in a car.

After being arrested in 2010, Cheyenne Desertrain and six other homeless individuals sued the city, claiming that the law was unconstitutionally vague.

The law was voided in a June 2014 decision.

The law promoted arbitrary enforcement that targeted the homeless.
— Opinion by Judge PREGERSON
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A new version of the law made it legal to sleep in a car, but only on certain designated streets.

Maps were drafted to show where living in a car is allowed and where it is still banned.

Are the City of LA’s parking maps a viable solution to allow people to live in a car?

This is when a writer came up with a hypothesis:

If he lived in his car in Los Angeles per the law, then he would legally be able to do so.

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He chose a month’s time, 30 days in a car in 10 different places both on and off the parking map for the legal amount of time a car is allowed to park in a single spot in Los Angeles:

72 HOurs.